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Today, clients increasingly need to access footage from a host of past productions. Often, the much needed material - assets already paid for - exist in many different locations and in many diverse video and film formats. Todays “wired” world presents unprecedented opportunities for use - NOW!

In real and "Internet" time, company marketing, public relations, corporate affairs and others are forced to react to the media opportunities or strategic “crisis’" that all companies face. These include the need to provide footage for evening newscasts, to PR agencies, and other opportunities which occur in real-time.

Sales, marketing and other departments are tasked with creating video communications, meeting openers and presentations, often with very little time or resources to create.

In today's digital, real-time world, EVTV has easy, cost-effective solutions that can facilitate the distribution of video and program assets, virtually at the touch of a button.

EVTV and it's post-production operations offer clients the ability to centralize, store and digitally retrieve all valuable program assets, and distribute them whenever the need arises - both cost-effectively and in timely fashion.

A simple call or email can put at client's disposal material needed NOW, without the need to determine where or how it can be attained.

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The Knights of Columbus, having several thousand videotapes and films in storage over the past ninety years, called on EVTV to begin digitizing, logging and making these programs available - on dedicated digital hard drives - for on-demand use in their worldwide media and program production efforts.

EVTV Nestle Haiti Relief

When the recent Haiti earthquake hit, Nestle Waters North America responded with a commitment of $1M in bottled water. EVTV coordinated with over a dozen agencies to help document the efforts, and assist in widespread media coverage of the event through centralizing all available footage for distribution to web and news outlets worldwide.

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Long-time EVTV clients such as Time-Warner, Praxair, Gen Re and dozens more call on EVTV regularly to pull archived master videotapes from storage, to digitize existing programs and material for the varied on-demand needs of it's websites and other opportunities- both inside and external to the company.

Whatever the need, from extensive archive preservation and digitization, to on-demand access and distribution of these valuable media assets, let EVTV assist you in developing a low-cost strategy to avail your program and video assets to all who support your enterprise.

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