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EVTV has designed, scripted, and created over 1,000 corporate marketing and communications programs, over 500 live events–themed and produced, and over 300 DVD titles for release both to the home video market, and, as strategic communications initiatives for our corporate customers.

From initial needs and project assessment, through program design and illustration; from scriptwriting, graphic design and production/animation design worldwide, in studios and on-location, through execution and post-production all the way through to client approval, EVTV knows technology today as well as the avenues available to us to produce effective communications for internal usage, broader audiences, and into the field.

EVTV design and development personnel, and a host of design specialists and seasoned production personnel in many corners of the world, bring to bear an extensive creative expertise, knowledge of worldwide marketing and production applications and highly critical project and budgetary thinking that becomes an invaluable asset to our clients and their constituents.

Ask our clients and associates – EVTV is the call you make when a project is mission-critical, needs development and creative expertise, and when you must have a vendor with integrity to get it done – on-time, on-budget, and with world-class proficiency.

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