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The Boomers: The Story of Adonis, A Story of Our Generation

When I was in the 2nd grade, we moved to a new house off of Newfield Avenue in Stamford. The house was one of five on a new development on a dead end street. When the nights were still, I would sometimes hear creaking noises as you sometimes do in a new house. My parents told me simply that it was the house settling. But my older

brother, Bobby, had a different story. Bobby would share the tale of how a mansion once stood where our house was and for many years, a famous rock band had lived there. The band did as rock stars do and partied hard until one frightful winter's night when a mysterious fire had burned the house to the ground and the band had perished. The noises I heard were that of the band still partying hard into the night and haunting us within our property. This was scary stuff for a young boy.

Cut to about 25 or so years later when I met local business executive, Michael Macari, a 30+ year veteran of the music and TV industries.  As I got to know Michael, he shared a story with me about how he was once a lead singer in a rock band calledAdonis. Lo and behold, they had once lived in a mansion that stood in the very same location of the

house I grew up in.  He continued to share that he and the band had lived there until a mysterious fire burned the house to the ground and displaced them. In other words, there were no deaths.

While my brother now claims, "it was a different band".. I'm certain now that it was just the new house settling.  ...or was it?

In any case, I share this story because Michael Macari recently penned a book reflecting on his times with his band. Including the cast of characters that accompanied them on their journey towards the top.  The book is called "The Boomers: The Story of Adonis, A Story of Our Generation".   It is emblematic of an entire generation of people and the experiences they shared in life. From garages to clubs to concerts- during the post- 1960s.

The book provides an account of a time when big-show club bands like Adonis were playing alongside giants and legends in music like Styx, Michael Bolton, and others.  From a local perspective, you are certain to be brought back in time to a Stamford of yesteryear. Macari

recounts many names, clubs, and the various neighborhoods of the 1960's and 70's in vivid detail.  Macari remembers his time spent at clubs like Rapsons (here in Stamford) and

Detroit (a huge rock club in Port Chester) in the late 70s. Bands like Twisted Sister, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper's band, Kiss and others are recalled in real and personal stories.

Macari was driven to write the book after the death of a friend's father. Family and friends were brought together to reminisce an entire bevvy of stories from that generation. His hope is that the book will help people reconnect and remember this great generation.  "As the 'Baby

Boomers' - the largest generation in history- move into our twilight years, we seek once again to relive, to remember, to celebrate the times that bind", he adds. "Perhaps there are a few treasures still left to be discovered."

Adonis consisted of Steven Matsis on bass guitar, Peter Klein on guitar and vocals, Ben Lionetti on drums and percussion, and Michael Macari on lead Vocals and acoustic guitar; all from Stamford. The multi-talented keyboardist Tom Mackno was from Norwalk.


Pick-up "The Boomers: The Story of Adonis, A Story of Our Generation" at Amazon in Paperback or Kindle today!

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EVTV of Stamford, CT is proud to announce the completion of it's National Investor Showcase for Dallas, TX-based data, marketing and analytics leader, Infogroup. Shot entirely on location in Omaha, NE,"Data: With a Human Touch" employs highly stylized cable cam,dollies, fish-eye and wide-angle lensing to create a high-energy corporate profile.


Watch a preview here:

Data: With a Human Touch


More Info:




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this year, let EVTV be your first call.




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The Producers at EVTV wish to thank the Knights of Columbus, Project Medishare, the University of Miami and all who whose energy and vision is making a difference in the lives of those affected by the earthquake in Haiti, and chronicled in the award-winning EVTV production

Unbreakable: A Story of Hope and Healing in Haiti

(click for todays article - New Haven Register)

Screening at NYC Independent Film Festival

Fri. 10/17 and Sun 10/19

(click for tickets)

Coming to PBS this January-

The Fifth Anniversary of the Haitian Earthquake

(Distributed by Janson Media)

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Thirty years as a leading production company in America, we have the resources to deliver creativity, quality and affordability- whatever your need.

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For Immediate Release                                           Contact: Michael Macari 203-359-8777; 

Macari and EVTV Unit Production Manage
Discovery Channel’s “Dude, You’re Screwed”

Denver-based Company Finds All It Needs Right Here in Connecticut

Stamford, CT: July 23, 2014

Those "Dudes" parachuted into Connecticut this past week. You know- Jake, Terry, John and Matt- those military and special forces characters who travel the world seeking adventure- and creating mayhem  weekly on Discovery Channel's “Dude, You're Screwed”.

And this time, they were enabled by one of Connecticut’s own- EVTV of Stamford.

EVTV, a thirty year veteran of TV and film, made its first foray into the world of reality TV for Discovery Channel’s “Dude You’re Screwed” (, proving the television industry is alive and well here in Connecticut for world-class production; the company packed two weeks of production and location logistics in and around upstate Connecticut for the series second season.

Working with High Noon Productions out of Denver, EVTV pinch-hit for the series’ producers and secured airplanes, skydiving, fire vehicles, farms, production support and military training facilities throughout Connecticut for the four day shoot. The episodes were shot in Southington at the military training facilities at King 33, Ellington Airfield and Cooke Farms in Wallingford. They are scheduled to run on Discovery in November.

“Connecticut had so much to offer this series”, states Michael Macari of EVTV, who served as Unit Production Manager for the twenty-man crew and cast. “They’ve shoot around the world, and found exactly what they needed for these episodes right here”.

“Not only was Mike the perfect choice as our UPM/Fixer”,, states Steve Lukanic, Senior Producer for High Noon, “ but we couldn't have done it without him and his team!”

Since 1984, EVTV has produced a wide-variety of TV, cable and communications programming ( . To discuss the project in greater detail, please call at 203-359-8777, or email


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April 22, 2014; Stamford Connecticut

Everyone's Unique... !

Seems like a timely phrase we've heard from Pope Francis. It's also the mantra of a great new brand you're going to be hearing a lot from in the coming years. 

Click image to see video >>>


Who Are You? Take the Quiz

EVTV client Archetypes of New York City- founded by Philosophy cosmetics and QVC pioneer Cristina Carlino, recently partnered with artist Andrew Yang and the iD.ollogy brand. The result is a stunning new music video debuting the Archetypes/iD.ollogy franchise. 

Click image to see video >>>




EVTV Produces "The Making of - Me!"

EVTV was called on to produce a social media buzzmaker: a behind the scenes video- "The Making of 'Me' by iD.ollogy" that's virally going to create quite a stir.

Produced by EVTVs David Macari and edited by Richard Tarantino, take a look and share!

And don't hesitate to call on us at 203-359-8777, or by email at to create effective web videos and social media communications that capture the excitement of your brands!


Sincerely yours,

The Producers at EVTV

At EVTV, we produce and create visual communications programs. We write, edit, produce, distribute electronically; we help you market, and yet mostly we help you communicate.

We help you impact small audiences via 1:1 presentations, larger audiences at meetings and conferences, and, really big audiences via television and web.


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April 8, 2014; Stamford Connecticut

Dear Greyson,  

Watching television recently, a nice gentle Constant Contact commercial stated "there is no better way to reach customers than through targeted emails". This caused me to think for a moment: Is this really true?

I thought, sure, we're highly connected. And busy at work.  But still, there's nothing better than human contact.

Let's face it. We crave it!  Even a timely phone call can be a wonderful human touch in an otherwise automated day.

So sure, a good email or LinkedIn message in the workplace can lead to a need that can be met, a new idea- and perhaps human contact- a short phone call that follows, an in-person meeting, a project together; and dare I say, a relationship?

I've come to understand that, at the heart of every good email I get, is another human person. So, I'm resolving to take a few seconds each day to take note of who's reaching out to me among the clinks and pings.

Let's get back to the basics. As the song goes "We're Only Human", and we're all in this together.

Have a great day, and thanks for noticing!


The Producers at EVTV




At EVTV, we produce and create visual communications programs. We write, edit, produce, distribute electronically; we help you market, and yet mostly we help you communicate.

We help you impact small audiences via 1:1 presentations, larger audiences at meetings and conferences, and, really big audiences via television and web.


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EVTV Part of "Celebrating Manufacturing in CT".

March 18, 2014; Stamford Connecticut

EVTV, the Stamford, CT-based video and communications firm, is joining several other leading service firms to "Celebrate Connecticut Manufacturing", an initiative designed to draw attention to and honor Connecticut-based manufacturers throughout the state.

Greyson Schwing, President of Milford, CT-based Antelope Web, spearheaded the initiative which includes EVTV, TD Bank, NSI Network Solutions, Tricom Systems and several other CT-based service firms. Through "Celebration of Connecticut Manufacturing", profiles for a hardcover book, additional web video content and other tools will be produced free-of-charge for the manufacturers promotional use. The first edition book will feature 50 companies, debuted and distributed following an honorary luncheon this summer.

"We need to draw attention to the continuing vibrancy and importance of manufacturing here in Connecticut", states EVTV president Michael Macari.  "Over 250,000 people are employed in manufacturing in the state, nearly 10% of Connecticut's workforce".

"Large and small, manufacturing businesses have played no small role in our great state's history of being a leader nationwide in business and industry", states Greyson. "Many great companies make up this rich tapestry which is American manufacturing".

Companies interested in the book, or being a part of the initiative's planned Volume II, are encouraged to email Macari at, or Schwing at



About EVTV:

EVTV is a multi-award winning production company. Since 1983, the company has served hundreds of corporate, brand, agency, institutional and broadcast customers in producing effective video, web video, commercial, television and cable programming.

Additionally, the company maintains extensive resources throughout the U.S. for the production of exciting live events, and new and interesting website properties. EVTV Post, the editing and post-production arm of EVTV, is based out of the company's studios at 1200 High Ridge Road in Stamford, Connecticut.

Visit for detailed information on the company's offerings, as well as hundreds of examples of its work in the PORTFOLIO section. Call us at 203-359-8777 today!

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When the Message Matters!


EVTV is excited about our new association with Keystone Pictures. As many of you saw during the open house last Thursday, their inventory of specialized cameras, lighting - even the small drone for aerials of your facilities will be resources you can count on.

EVTV- When The Message Matters, Media and Markets

Start With a Good Script 

EVTV will work with you to create the best script possible to deliver your message. Whether through interview content, or delivered by a key presenter, there's an art to the visual script we'll bring to your project.

Hire Professionals 

Today, in the era of cell phone cameras and internet uploads, there's simply no substitute for the knowledge and expertise of communications pros. EVTV offers cost-effective editing, music and graphics resources to bring your message to life.



Keep It Short

And know your audience. You'll increase your chances of success exponentially, and create actionable, effective communications to support your mission.

Whether internal or external, TV, social media or web-delivered, EVTV can help. Call us at 203-359-8777 or email Supervising Producer Michael Macari at for your free no-obligation consultation.


And thank YOU for choosing EVTV!

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