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What A Simple Email Can Do

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April 8, 2014; Stamford Connecticut

Dear Greyson,  

Watching television recently, a nice gentle Constant Contact commercial stated "there is no better way to reach customers than through targeted emails". This caused me to think for a moment: Is this really true?

I thought, sure, we're highly connected. And busy at work.  But still, there's nothing better than human contact.

Let's face it. We crave it!  Even a timely phone call can be a wonderful human touch in an otherwise automated day.

So sure, a good email or LinkedIn message in the workplace can lead to a need that can be met, a new idea- and perhaps human contact- a short phone call that follows, an in-person meeting, a project together; and dare I say, a relationship?

I've come to understand that, at the heart of every good email I get, is another human person. So, I'm resolving to take a few seconds each day to take note of who's reaching out to me among the clinks and pings.

Let's get back to the basics. As the song goes "We're Only Human", and we're all in this together.

Have a great day, and thanks for noticing!


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